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document How to Add Impersonation Privileges in Office365
The following outlines the steps necessary to run the Exoprise Exchange Online sensor in "impersonation" mode. Impersonation mode allows the sensor to authenticate with the impersonating user's credentials while checking a different user's mailbox. One use of impersonation is to...
04 Mar, 2015
document Setting Your Sensor's Password to Never Expire in Office365
 The following outlines the steps necessary to set an Office365 user's password to never expire. This is frequently used on dedicated sensor accounts and prevents any sensor downtime due to passwords being in an expired state.  Open a Powershell command line as the...
29 Jul, 2014
document Office 365 Status Dashboard Widgets
The current status of an Office 365 tenant as well as the incident message history is exposed by Microsoft via an OAuth protected API.  CloudReady can be set up to retrieve this information and make it available to you on the new 2.0 dashboard  via a couple of  widgets...
03 Jun, 2016
document Configurable Dashboards
Getting Started Configurable dashboards allow you to select a variety of widgets and arrange them into custom layouts. Widgets allow you to view data about specific sensors, sites, or features, or to see aggregate data about your solution as a whole. To get started, navigate to a dashboard page...
12 Jul, 2016
document Access Control in an Organization Account
A user of CloudReady deals with three main resource types: Sites: can be created, configured, deleted Sensors: can be deployed to sites, reconfigured, deleted Alarms: can be attached to sensors, reconfigured, deleted Organization accounts can have multiple users, so an access...
26 Feb, 2016
document Exoprise Management API
Introduction Exoprise exposes management functionality via a secure HTTPS based API. Authentication is provided via an apikey unique to each user. Access to CloudReady resources is subject to the same authorization checks as the CloudReady web interface. Currently the API supports: Creating...
20 Feb, 2018

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