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document What Is CloudReady?
CloudReady is a cloud-based service designed to help companies adopt and manage the cloud. The CloudReady mission is to bring the benefits of cloud-based computing to businesses of any size. By helping businesses analyze, monitor and manage the SaaS and Cloud applications they depend on,...
20 Dec, 2014
document What Is the Exoprise Management Client?
The Exoprise Management Client (exoclient) is our custom network client that you download to assist with deployment of CloudReady. This network client communicates only with CloudReady application servers via HTTPS secure-sockets and will not communicate with other websites or internet services. ...
07 Oct, 2015
document Proxy Support and Overview
CloudReady supports operating through HTTP-based proxies and has been tested against many hardware and software based proxies. CloudReady supports the following proxy authentication methods: Basic Digest Integrated or NTLM Automatic Configuration The Exoprise Management...
07 Oct, 2015
document How to support proxy PAC files in the Secure Management Shell
Proxy PAC File Configuration Support CloudReady currently supports automated configuration such as PAC and WPAD when installing the Private Site (aka Secure Service) to run as a real account (as opposed to Local System). These are sometimes referred to as service accounts. If the account you use...
06 Apr, 2017