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document CloudReady Security Overview
This document details the security mechanisms and processes that Exoprise has implemented in order to ensure and enforce the safety, protection and privacy of our customer data. The security measures that Exoprise have implemented span across the technology, operations, and legal aspects of...
12 May, 2015
document How do you run sensors from a least privilege account?
As a general rule, all Exoprise components operate in read-only mode.  In most trial environments, running the Exoprise components as domain admin is the quickest installation option.  If using a domain admin account isn’t acceptable, please follow the steps below to operate Exoprise...
25 Aug, 2013
document Proxy Support and Overview
CloudReady supports operating through HTTP-based proxies and has been tested against many hardware and software based proxies. CloudReady supports the following proxy authentication methods: Basic Digest Integrated or NTLM Automatic Configuration The Exoprise Management...
07 Oct, 2015