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document How To Create An Alarm
Go to the Add Alarm page At the top, choose the type of sensor you want to create an alarm for. Choose an element for that particular sensor. Each sensor exposes different elements. When you choose an element and a sensor type, the table of deployed sensors (below) is updated with...
21 Sep, 2016
document Why does the Sensor periodically report a logon error when the credentials are valid?
Question: Why does the Sensor periodically report a logon error when the credentials are valid? Answer: This behavior is periodically expected from the Office 365 Sensor.  The error you are seeing is the exact error that Exoprise receives from Microsoft’s servers.  This...
25 Jul, 2013
document NT Event Log Format Description
CloudReady can write alarm and resolution information to the NT Event Log. The following describes the event records and types that are persisted to the NT Event Log. CloudReady Alarms Alarms are written to the Application NT Event log with WARNING level and the following...
15 Apr, 2016
document Alarm Logging to Private Sites
CloudReady can distribute alarms and alarm resolutions to private sites that you have deployed behind the firewall. This feature can be used for integration with on-premise operations systems and consoles. How to Enable Private site alarm logging can be enabled by clicking on the Manage Private...
09 Jan, 2015
document Alarm Email Hooks
Introduction In addition to sending standard alert emails to your alarms' recipient groups, CloudReady let's you create email hooks. An email hook allows you to add a new alert with a customized subject and body so that it can be integrated with your other systems. Available Properties ...
01 Mar, 2018