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document What is a multi-part CloudReady sensor?
Some CloudReady Monitor sensors provide support for different types of optional monitoring and management functionality. For example, some sensors provide support for both Active Monitoring (synthetic transactions) and performance metric collection for correlated diagnosis. Typically, the...
07 Oct, 2015
document What protocol does the Office 365 sensor use?
CloudReady Monitor’s Office 365 Sensor uses the Exchange Web Service (EWS) interface to communicate with Office 365 and Exchange Online. This is the same protocol that Outlook uses to talk to Exchange Online.
25 Aug, 2013
document How do you run sensors from a least privilege account?
As a general rule, all Exoprise components operate in read-only mode.  In most trial environments, running the Exoprise components as domain admin is the quickest installation option.  If using a domain admin account isn’t acceptable, please follow the steps below to operate Exoprise...
25 Aug, 2013
document Will the synthetic emails sent for the MTA statistic fill up my mailbox?
No, during the email Sensor installation Exoprise CloudReady creates inbox rules to hide and delete the emails sent as part of the MTA test.If you manually remove the inbox rule that was created by Exoprise CloudReady, a new rule will be generated for you when the Sensor attempts the next MTA test.
26 Aug, 2013