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Autodiscover Overview and Troubleshooting

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Last updated: 15 Feb, 2014

 Autodiscover for Office365 Overview

Autodiscover is how Outlook finds a mailbox for an account. Autodiscover can be used for on-premises Exchange as well as Office 365 and generic Hosted Exchange. Autodiscover is a fantastic lookup service but it can also present challenges when things aren't configured correctly. Some of the challenges are:

  • Autodiscover can be very difficult to track down why its not working or why an account can't validate against it.
  • The error messages from the Autodiscover service are often cryptic (its not our fault). The error messages are cryptic because it would be a vulnerability if the service told you too much.
  • Older on-premises autodiscover installations can get in the way of Office 365. Its true.
  • Certificates! If you have Single-sign-on configured (whether its the loverly ADFS for some other solution) these things can get in the way of Autodiscover and you won't be able to validate. Make sure the certificates for your SAML or ADFS solution are up-to-date. We mean it. Office 365 autodiscover won't validate for you if your certificates are bad.

Microsoft's Remote Connectivity Analyzer

Microsoft provides a remote testing facility for their Autodiscover service. It can be very helpful.


Here's some recommendations for how to use the Remote Connectivity Analyzer:

  1. If you CAN NOT make the autodiscover work here then we won't be able to make it work either.
  2. If you CAN make it work here then we should be able to make it work.
  3. If this autodiscover test works for you, you may still have problems on your local LAN. This can happen if you have an incorrectly configured on-premises (Exchange) autodiscover configuration and service. Even if you have clients running on-premises that are successfully connecting to Office 365 it can still be a problem for cloud-configured Office 365 accounts because the environment is a hybrid one.

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