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CloudReady Monitor Installation And Usage Guide

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Last updated: 07 Oct, 2015

CloudReady Monitor is a service that helps you build your own cloud-based, distributed sensor network that proactively monitors Software-as-a-Service applications such as Google for Work and Microsoft Office 365. CloudReady Monitor monitors these offerings from corporate headquarters and satellite offices to give support personnel and IT administrators deep insight into the network performance and reliability of these mission-critical web applications.

This guide provides instructions about how to install and configure CloudReady Monitor, set-up triggers and interpret the charts and alerts the solution delivers on a regular basis.

Exoprise Management Client Setup and Configuration

CloudReady Monitor is simple to setup and runs from any Windows workstation. We recommend that monitoring sensors be installed on machines that remain powered up and connected to the Internet so that statistics can be uploaded to CloudReady without interruption.

Log on to CloudReady

1. Log into your CloudReady Portal, either at https://secure.exoprise.com or at the address provided by your service provider.

Download the Management Client

2. Once logged in, click on “Download the Management Client” on the Home tab. If you already have the Management Client installed, skip to Step 4.

Install the Management Client

3. Open the installer executable and follow the steps to install the Management Client. Once finished the client will open to the CloudReady portal where you will need to log in again.

Configure Security Key-Pairs

4. For this overview a single CloudReady Monitor location will be configured. For larger on-premise sensor deployments consult the bulk sensor deployment guide and how the CloudReady system can be deployed with typical Electronic Software Deployment tools.

From the Monitor tab click the Manage Secure Service link in the left-hand side. You will install the Secure Service on the machine before training and deploying a sensor.

Install the Secure Service

5. Click next to accept the default key-pair creation. For additional information about the Public-Key-Infrastructure that is built-in to CloudReady consult the security overview and the online guide to PKI. On the following screen click Install to install the secure service and bind it to your account, machine and CloudReady. Correct any permissions or firewall errors that may occur. For proxy environments you may need to configure the proxy for the service. Click next when you are finished and the secure service is successfully communicating with CloudReady.

Add and Configure Sensors

6. On the left-hand side click the link 'Add sensor'. Next choose the service you would like to monitor. Each different sensor and service has different prerequisites that may need to be installed and different configuration. Each step of configuration requires successful validation before proceeding. Follow the on-screen instructions to properly setup a sensor and continue.

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