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Error: Account Is Locked When Validating The Office 365 Sensor Account Information

Article ID: 74
Last updated: 26 Sep, 2013
This error message confirms that the account is valid but Exoprise is unable to login because Office 365 is requiring the temporary password to be changed before they unlock the account. The Exoprise platform is unable to step past this blocking point until the temporary password is manually reset.
  1. Manually log into the Office365 account and reset the account password.
  2. Re-run the Exoprise Office 365 Sensor installation and provide the username and new password.

Error Text:

Error 1: [Error] Error starting and connecting to the monitored service. There may be a configuration problem and additional details follow:
This account is locked. Visit https://autodiscover-s.outlook.com/owa/cat.onmicrosoft.com to unlock it.
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