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Map View IP Geolocation Accuracy

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Last updated: 22 Oct, 2014

CloudReady Monitor utilizes an IP Geolocation service to pinpoint sensor sources and destinations on a map. Source IP locations come from the Internet connected gateway that the sensor uses to communicate with the CloudReady servers. Destination IP addresses are continually tracked and updated.

Source Location

Typically, source (gateway) IP addresses are accurate to within a few kilometers of where the gateway ISP is located. If internal VPN and or MPLS networks are utilized then the geolocation may be inaccurate.

To update the geolocation coordinates for a site, you can edit the street address for where a site is located:

  1. From the monitor tab, click on Manage Sites
  2. Click on an Edit button for a site where you would like to change the street address
  3. Enter a street address or city location where you know the sensor to be located
  4. Click 'Save changes'

Destination Location

Destination IP addresses at the service providers datacenter can be more challenging to accurately pinpoint from a geolocation perspective. Service providers move the gateway routers quite frequently and often do not want the locations of their data-centers exposed. Often, the geolocation coordinates for a destination router or datacenter gateway are represented in the middle of the United States (coordinates of 38, -97).

Exoprise continues to investigate better sources of data to improve the accuracy of our geolocation data.

Crowd NPP Data

An NPP metric can be chosen in the Crowd NPP tab where the metric's thresholds can be adjusted as well. The selected metric is displayed on the map as a pair of concentric circles around each site. The inner circle shows the metric for the site, and the outer circle shows the average value of the metric for all other active sites within a 200 mile radius (the area covered by the other circle).

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