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Service Logon Accounts

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Last updated: 07 Oct, 2015

CloudReady Monitor utilizes a Win32 Windows-based service for running its sensors. The service is called the 'Secure Service Shell' or 'Service Shell' or sometimes it is referred to as a Private Site.

During installation of the Service Shell customers have the option of having the service run as Local System or having the service run as a specific Logon Account. The logon account can be a local service account where the account is defined on the machine or the account can be a domain account.

If customers choose to run the service as a logon account (and not Local System) then there is typically planning required prior to installation.

For more information about service logon accounts, please refer to the following links: 

  • Microsoft overview of Service Logon Accounts


  • How to Troubleshoot Service Startup Problems


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