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What Are Email Sensors?

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Last updated: 14 May, 2013

Email Sensors are components of the Exoprise CloudReady Monitoring solution.  

Email Sensors are configured to run against an email platform (e.g. On-Premise Exchange Servers, Office 365 Cloud Based Offerings, Gmail, or any MAPI based email endpoint) and report on the service health.  Exoprise Email Sensors currently monitor the following:

  • Logon Time Latency
  • MTA Round Trip (Time required to logon, send email, read email, logout)
  • Service Ping
  • Logon Errors

Data collected from Email Sensors is displayed within the Exoprise Monitor Dashboard and can be leveraged to speed up incident resolution times, validate end user experience assumptions, provide data to backup SLA compliance investigations, and triangulate which component in the ecosystem is a bottleneck.

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