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Proxy Support and Overview

CloudReady supports operating through HTTP-based proxies and has been tested against many hardware and software based proxies. CloudReady supports the following proxy authentication methods:

  • Basic
  • Digest
  • Integrated or NTLM

Automatic Configuration

The Exoprise Management Client will attempt to automatically detect desktop proxy settings upon startup. Not all Web Proxy Auto Discovery (WPAD) configurations are supported though many are. Proxy PAC file configurations is not currently supported. More information about alternatives to proxy PAC files can be found here.

If there is difficulty connecting through the automatically configured proxy then please manually configure the proxy settings.

Proxy Settings Dialog

  • Use system proxy (follow IE)
    By default the Management Client will follow the system-wide settings (typically configured in Internet Explorer). This should work for most customers.
  • Copy settings to other CloudReady toools
    To help customers manage proxy settings in the service context during trial deployments CloudReady copies the proxy settings to our own tools even if they are running as a service (Local System) on the host computer.
  • Force Proxy Server
    To override the default system-wide settings on the machine, click this box and fill out the proxy host-name and port.
  • Host, Port, User Name, Password
    The explicit proxy settings. Credentials are optional and they vary depending on the proxy configuration. Contact your network administrator for more information.