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Change Private Site Installation

You can change how the Private Site (Windows Service) is configured to run and its proxy settings.

How to Change the Way a Private Site Is Configured

  1. From the machine where the site is running, open the Exoprise Management Client and sign into CloudReady with the account that owns the site
  2. Go to Sites > Manage Local Site. If you don’t see the Manage Local Site menu entry that means your in a regular browser
  3. From the Manage Local Site, click the ‘Change’ dropdown button in the middle of the screen.
  4. Choose ‘Service Login…’ to change the account that the service is running as.
  5. Choose ‘Service Proxy Settings…’ to change the proxy configuration for the service. You should only change the service proxy if you are not using Proxy PAC or Proxy settings from the service account.
  6. When you change the Login or Proxy settings the service should stop and restart it self.

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