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Skype Sensors Setup Overview

CloudReady is the first and only solution to provide the ability to continuously test and monitor Skype for Business Online service between any number of real user locations, using CloudReady’s unique combination of synthetic tests for proactive detection and crowd data aggregation so you can see how your locations compare to “normal.” Read more about the benefits of CloudReady for Skype for Business.

When you go into “Add a Sensor” you will see four Skype icons:

The Skype sensors are:

  • Skype for Business Message Sensor – Tests Skype sign-in, presence, and IM performance
  • Skype for Business Audio Sensor – Tests Skype audio/VoIP availability & performance
  • Skype for Business Receiver – Receives and responds to messages sent from Skype Message & Audio sensors
  • Skype for Business Video Sensor – Tests Skype video availability & performance


In general, these sensors deploy the same as the other CloudReady sensors, but as Skype for Business itself is operates differently (combining both routed and point-to-point traffic) some things are unique/different.  Here’s what you need to know:

  1. To be able to measure Skype performance, Skype Message & Audio sensors must be paired with a Skype Receiver.
  2. You will need to deploy at least one Skype Receiver before you will be allowed to deploy any Skype Message/Audio sensors.
  3. Each Skype Receiver can paired with to up to 3 Skype Message/Audio sensors.
  4. The Skype Receiver should be deployed on a different site than any Skype Message/Audio sensor paired with it (i.e. you will need at least two CloudReady sites)
  5. The Skype Receiver must be configured with a different Office 365 account than any Skype Message/Audio sensor paired with it (i.e. you will need at least two valid SIP accounts). This is due to the nature of presence with Skype.
  6. We recommend you do NOT use real user accounts for these sensors as the sensor driven traffic may interfere with real Skype sessions/presence state  maintenance.  However, you can reuse accounts currently being used for your Exchange Online/SharePoint sensors.
  7. These sensors currently require Skype for Business 2015 or newer.  Skype for Business Basic can be used but should be up to date and at the latest patch levels.

The Add Sensor wizard will check for and prompt you for any other prerequisites.

Once the sensors are deployed you will see them on the dashboard.  Note that the Skype Receiver does not currently display any performance data itself.   The Skype  Message/Video/Audio sensors operate like other sensors and provide access to local and crowd data for over 50 different data series, ranging from service login times to the Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) for each synthetic session.  You can also configure performance alarms on these measurements.

New Conference Mode Support

Provided you have the feature enabled (enterprise accounts), you can test Skype Conferencing with the Skype Audio and Skype Video sensors. This escalates the call to execute on edge and media servers of the Skype infrastructure, whether its Skype for Business on-premises or Skype for Business Online.

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