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Uninstall a Private Site

There are a number of ways to uninstall or remove a Private Sites.

Uninstall a Private Site from the Control Panel

  1. From the machine running the Private Site, open the Windows Control Panel
  2. Open the Programs > Uninstall a Program control panel applet
  3. Look for the entry named ‘Exoprise Secure Service Shell’ and click it to uninstall

Uninstall from the Management Client

  1. From the machine running the Private Site, start the Exoprise Management Client
  2. Go to Sites > Manage Local Site
  3. There is an Uninstall button in the middle of the screen, click it to uninstall

Uninstall, remotely, from the Manage Sites Screen

  1. Sign into CloudReady
  2. Open the Sites > Manage page
  3. Click Edit for the Site in the table of sites
  4. Click the ‘Delete…’ button at the top of the Site edit page. Click OK at the confirmation
  5. The site will be uninstalled after a minute or two when the CloudReady servers tell the site to uninstall itself

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