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Change Credentials for a Sensor

Deployed sensors require different procedures to change credentials. Many sensors test and monitor applications that require credentials (an account name and password). When a sensor requires credentials, CloudReady usually requires validation before the credentials are updated. This is to ensure that the sensors are correct prior to deployment.

Changing Passwords

Currently, there are three ways to change the password for a sensor that has credentials:

  • Reconfigure Sensor
    Reconfiguring a sensor that is running on a private site requires the Management Client, performs validation and ensures that the credentials are correct before updating the sensor configuration.
    To Reconfigure a sensor, navigate to the details page for the sensor and then click ‘Reconfigure’ in the left-hand menu.
  • Edit Sensors
    For sensors that require a username and password, you can change the password, in bulk, from the Edit Sensors page. Be careful changing the password in this manner as no validation is performed.
  • PowerShell API
    You can use the PowerShell Management API to update the credentials and configuration of sensors. This can be utilized with automation of multiple systems where you want to synchronize credentials across multiple systems.

Changing Account or Username

Changing the account name for a sensor that runs with credentials has more restrictions than updating the password. You can only change the account name via the PowerShell API or by reconfiguring the sensor.

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