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Edit Sensors

To change a specific setting for a sensor you can navigate to its ‘Edit Settings’ page. To change some settings for a group of sensors at the same time use the ‘Edit Sensors’ page.

Filter Sensors

To filter sensors, use the drop downs in the upper right of the page. As you use the filter, the grid is dynamically updated to reflect the filter states you select. You can filter by:

  • Sensor Types
    Click the Sensor Types drop down and check a sensor type to begin filtering. Type characters to find the sensor type name in the drop down.
  • Sites
    Click the Sites drop down to filter by the site where the sensor is deployed. Type characters to find the site in the drop down.
  • Characteristics
    In the last drop down you filter by various states and deployment dates for the sensors.

To clear any of the drop downs once you’ve filtered, click the ‘x’ in the drop down and it should clear immediately.

Grid View

You can modify the grid view in various ways. The compact selection changes the grid view to tighter rows as opposed to thicker rows. You can also select and de-select columns displayed in the grid.

Click the header of each column to sort the grid by that column.

Bulk Actions

To perform bulk actions on a group of sensors, first select the rows. You can select rows buy using the checkbox or simply clicking on a row. You can select as many rows as you want.

Once you’ve selected rows, you can delete, disable or enable from the shortcuts at the top left of the grid. Or select an item from the Bulk Action drop down in the upper right and then click apply.

Change Passwords

Once you select a group of sensors you can change the passwords for those credentials from this page. Be careful when changing passwords for sensors. If you select sensors that don’t have credentials they will be excluded on the following page.

Be careful altering credentials

We recommend re-validating sensors when altering credentials. If you need to change the account/username for the sensor then you should rec-configure.

Regen Alarms…

To regenerate alarms for a group of sensors use this action. The alarms for the sensor will be removed and new default alarms for each of the sensors will be re-generated based on the schedule and period that you choose.

This action can be helpful if your network is altered or the sites are operating differently than when the alarms were originally calibrated.

Export CSV

Select a group of sensors and use the action to export the sensor configurations as comma separated values. This can be helpful for documenting your sensor deployments.