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Error connecting to the mailbox

Error connecting to the mailbox. There is a configuration, password or autodiscover service availability problem. Additional details follow: The Autodiscover service couldn’t be located.

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Possible Causes

  1. The Office 365 Username is invalid. Please check your spelling.
  2. The Office 365 Password is invalid. Please check your spelling.
  3. The Autodiscover service could not be located due to firewall or proxy settings.
  4. The Autodiscover service may be incorrectly configured.
  5. Certificates within your Autodiscover server may bestale, or invalid, and the Autodiscover service is rejecting the requests.

Things to Try

  1. Re-enter your credentials, double check your Username and Password.
  2. Test against a different set of credentials, even your own (in case you’re setting up a dedicated account)
  3. Try an onmicrosoft.com account, don’t depend on an domain.autodiscover.com address
  4. Verify your organization’s public Autodiscover DNS entry is properly configured:
  5. Use the Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer tool to test the Office365 Autodiscover functionality
  • Navigate to https://testconnectivity.microsoft.com/tests/o365
  • Click on the Office365 tab
  • Click on Outlook Autodiscover
  • Click Next
  • Follow the on screen prompts
  • NOTE: This tool will test Autodiscover connectivity from a Microsoft server, not your local machine
  • NOTE: If this test passes that confirms that Autodiscover is configured correctly on the external network (public).  Local issues may still be blocking the Autodiscover traffic.
  • NOTE: If this test fails then something is configured incorrectly on your Autodiscover or domain.  Exoprise will not be able to connect if Autodiscover is not configured correctly.
  1. Confirm the CNAME record as described in this KB article from Microsoft
  1. Try installing the Hosted Exchange Sensor as it allows you to specify the Autodiscover details