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Trial FAQ

Common Questions About the Trial

How does the free trial work?

The trial clock starts only AFTER you deploy your first sensor. Sign up and take a peek around, no credit card required. See all the services and protocols we monitor. The trial doesn’t start until you’re ready and, once you decide to jump in, deploying a site and your first sensor takes a couple of minutes.

How many sensors can I use with the free trial?

You can deploy up to 3 sensors in up to 3 different locations. You get full access to all the application monitoring and end-to-end network diagnostics and the full power of the crowd-sourced data analytics which enable you to benchmark your network and apps. That will give you an idea of what complete visibility into the health of your mission-critical cloud services looks like.

What happens when the trial expires?

When you sign in you won’t have access to anything except the payment page. After some time (it depends on Exoprise capacity and loading), your sensors will be automatically disabled and then deleted after additional time. Your private sites may stay running for a period of time so if you want to convert to a customer, that will help.

Can I get a trial extension?

In general, we don’t offer trial extensions but we do offer integrated credit card purchasing. You can continue with as little as one sensor for one month. If you would like more information about trials and extensions, you should contact sales@exoprise.com