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Deploying a Private Site

The following instructions will walk you through deploying a Private Site. Once a Private Site has been created (installed), you’ll be able to deploy CloudReady Synthetics to run from it.

A Private Site is required to be running (obviously) if you want the synthetic measurements and tests to be run from it.

Deploying Your First Site

    1. From the machine you’d like to configure as a site, Sign In to Exoprise and Download the Exoprise Management Client if you have not already done so from Download Exoprise Management Client
    2. Once logged in to the Exoprise Management Client, select Sites and then Deploy from the left menu.
    3. Select “Get Started Installing a Private Site”
    4. Select “Create a new public/private key pair” and then click Next
    5. On the Service Account page you can change opt-in to use a Service Account for the site rather than running as Local System, we recommend Local System but a Service Account may be required in specific cases. Once you make your selection, click Next.
    6. Congratulations, you have now deployed a Private Site and can move on to deploying your synthetics.

Making Changes to Your Site

    1. From the machine you’d like to configure as a site, log in to the Exoprise Management Client.
    2. Once logged in select Sites and then Manage Local Site in the left menus.
    3. From here you can Start or Stop the Service as well as make changes or Uninstall it.
    4. The Change dropdown includes the options of changing the Service Account as well as changing the proxy configuration for the service