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SAML Integration

Exoprise supports the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 integration to enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for user access.

Key Features

  • SAML integration is optional. If you don’t want to leverage SAML, you don’t have to and can continue to use Exoprise managed accounts
  • If you utilize Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for your Single Sign-On integration and there is an outage related to Azure AD, then you won’t be able to sign in to Exoprise for diagnosing a Microsoft 365 problem using a federated account. It’s true.
  • Multiple configurations per tenant/Organization are supported. This is great for migration to different Identity Provider (IdP’s) or for supporting different automated provisioning scenarios.
  • On-demand provisioning using SAML 2.0 assertions is supported. Or you can require an invitation for access, and the invitations and Exoprise roles are managed the same way regular (managed) invites are.
  • Organization owners maintain their managed Exoprise credentials and continue to sign in with them for troubleshooting SAML configurations.


SAML Configurations can be accessed by any Organization administrator via the Admin > Settings > SAML Setup page. From there, you can create and remove different SAML configurations for different Identity Providers.

More information about creating SAML configurations within Exoprise can be found here: https://www.exoprise.com/2018/09/05/cloudready-single-sign-on-saml-integration/

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