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Common Web Sensor Errors

Exoprise has many web-based sensors that support different SaaS applications, actions, and Single Sign-On environments. This article captures some of the common validation and operational errors that are generated.

In many cases, when errors are presented and recognizable, the errors are extracted and presented to you from the application. Often, sign in errors are not specific as that would be revealing too much about the underlying credentials or application.

For most web-based sensors we present a screen capture of the resulting page. From the Management Client you can right-click on the image and open it for a larger view.

Loading the starting url resulted in an unexpected unrecognized screen on https://domain.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/Authenticate.aspx?Source=/

This error is generated when a sensor has navigated to a unrecognized screen. Usually, this is a server generated navigation and error due to a service interruption or possibly an unsupported Single Sign-on provider.

Username submission failed: Enter a valid email address, phone number, or Skype name.
Username submission failed: This username isn’t in our system. Make sure you typed it correctly. Otherwise, contact your admin.

The supplied account name is incorrect. This message is extracted from the sign in page that the sensor is navigating too and is generated by the server or web application (not us).

HTTP 404 (NOT FOUND) error response for https://domain.sharepoint.com/folder
You entered an incorrect site or SharePoint site. Please re-check the site name that you are trying to test and monitor.
Username submission failed: We couldn’t find an account with that username.
This message is self-explanatory and generated from the server we are testing (not us). You are attempting to configure a sensor with an account that doesn’t exist. Please choose a different account name.
Timed out during login, URL: https://domain.sharepoint.com/sites/some_site
This message usually indicates a permissions problem where the web server is preventing access to the destination site. An Exoprise CloudReady synthetic sensor may be waiting for a specific URL or page element that indicates that the sensor is logged in and then can proceed with other steps. If it times out waiting for that page or element, it will generate this error. It usually indicates that the web server is displaying an error page (which we try and capture and parse).
  • You should try the same steps with the same account to see what the results are.
  • Try signing in with Firefox or in a browsers incognito mode, possibly you have a cookies or some other artifact that is enabling you to sign in but the sensor can’t.
Upload cannot complete due to insufficient permissions for user user@domain.com on document library somelib. The user needs write permissions to run the upload.
This message is self explanatory. For some sensors we test uploads, downloads, and searches like with the SharePoint and OneDrive sensor. In this case, either during validation or at runtime, the permissions for the account are preventing the upload or access. Correct the permissions or choose a different destination

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