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Site Setup Errors

Here are common errors that can occur during the site installation when using the Guided Installation method.

Post installation connectivity failure
This error occurs after the service has been installed and started, but the service is reporting that it can’t connect to https://service.exoprise.com. This is usually due to proxy or firewall problems, with access to the Exoprise servers being blocked.


  • During the site install, if a proxy was detected, the proxy configuration for the site should have been checked and verified. Go back and reconfigure the proxy settings for the site and/or adjust your proxy settings. You may have to uninstall the service if the installation or uninstall was interrupted (you didn’t wait). You can also use the Manage Local Site link from the Management Client to uninstall or try and change the proxy or logon settings. Read more about proxy support, particularly if Proxy PAC or WPAD deployments are used.
  • Disable anti-virus during installation and/or configure the AV software to allow the (exosvcshell.exe) service to communicate with https://service.exoprise.com
  • If you are using SSL inspection (aka referred to as man-in-the-middling) make sure the root certificates are updated for the account that the service is being configured to log on as. If you are using Local System and you haven’t deployed the root certificates (for whatever is generating SSL certificates) to the machine certificate store, then it may not work, and you’ll need to ensure the certificates are installed for the machine.
  • Unblock access to https://service.exoprise.com

You won’t be able to deploy any sensors to the site until the service is correctly installed and contacting the Exoprise servers.

Error installing the secure service, error code: 1060, The specified service does not exist as an installed service
This error message indicates that the service was unable to be installed or configured. This can occur if there are permissions problems or, if you are using a service account, then the service account may not be available, incorrectly specified account, or have policy problems.
Error installing the secure service, error code: 1069, The service did not start due to logon failure
This error message indicates that the service was unable to be installed due to a logon failure when trying to configure the service with a service account. Validate that you have the service account logon name and password correct before proceeding. You may need to uninstall the service before continuing, or the service account and credentials can be changed from the Manage Local Site link in the left-hand menu from the Management Client.

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