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New Service Communications API

At the end of December  2021 Microsoft will decommission the previous generation of the Service Communications API that is utilized to retrieve Service Health and Service Messages for each tenant.

You can read more about our Office 365 Service Communications Integration.

You can read more about how and why we integrate with the Service Health API.

New Service Communications Graph API

Microsoft has replaced the deprecated the previous API and replaced it with a new Service Communications Graph API. More information is available from Microsoft about the replacement.

Upgrading to the new Service Communications  Graph API

As of December 6th, in anticipation of the deprecation, Exoprise has re-implemented our Office 365 Service widgets on top of the newer graph API. To utilize the newer API, each tenant will need to accept a new OAuth authorization. Once the new OAuth is accpted, no further changes will be required and existing dashboard widgets will automatically utilize the newer API and OAuth authorization.

Read on for the steps required.

To utilize the newer Graph API:

  1. From any browser, Sign into Exoprise
  2. On any of the dashboard tabs where you have an Office 365 status or messages widget you should see that they are prompting you to accept a new OAuth authorization.
  3. Or, alternatively, go right here: https://secure.exoprise.com/oauths
  4. Scroll down and click the new ‘Graph Service Communications API’, give it a unique label and click OK

    New Service Communications Graph OAuth Registration
    New Service Communications Graph OAuth Registration
  5. A new window will open and redirect to sign you into your Microsoft 365 account for accepting the OAuthorization. You must have sufficient privileges to accept the registration.

That’s it. Once you accept the new registration, the new widgets will automatically begin populating with Microsoft 365 Service Status and Microsoft 365 Service Incidents.

The previous version of the Service Communications API required administrative consent for the whole tenant. The newer graph API consent requires administrative privileges but can be consented to by the individual as opposed to for the tenant.

If the OAuth registration i accepted for the individual (as opposed to consenting for the tenant) and that individual leaves or loses privilege then the Service Communications queries will no longer work.