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Accounts & Billing FAQ

Common Questions About Account Management, Billing and Subscriptions

How do I cancel my subscription?

Canceling a subscription is easy from the Admin > Settings > Billing page. You need to be an owner or be a Billing manager to cancel the subscription. Once you cancel the subscription, you’ll still be able to use the solutions until the renewal date but the subscription won’t renew.

I deleted some sensors how do I reduce the subscription?

Sensors are automatically added to a subscription as they are deployed but the subscription isn’t automatically reduced when you remove sensors (you may be moving them). To synchronize a subscription with the credits deployed go to Admin > Settings > Billing page and click ‘Synchronize…’

Do you store my credit card?

No, Exoprise does not store your credit card information. We use a recurring subscription service to manage the subscriptions and that service is extremely secure and PCI compliant. The subscription service is responsible for credit card storage.

What is a sensor credit?

A sensor credit is a chargeable unit within the Exoprise platform. Most synthetic sensors are a single credit per month, some are 1/2 credit and some, like the Teams AV Conference sensor, are more than a single credit.

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