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Billing and Subscriptions

You can manage all aspects of your billing and service from the Billing page which can be found from the left-hand menu via Admin > Settings > Billing provided you have the right permissions within the tenant to access Billing information.

Billing related questions can be sent to accounting@exoprise.com for a prompt reply.

Update Billing Details

To update the billing details, credit card or address information, click ‘Update billing details’. From this page you can update the credit card information on file and update the email and CC emails for where the invoices are sent each billing cycle.

No credit card information is stored on our servers, we use a fully PCI-compliant recurring subscription service to manage the Exoprise billing and subscriptions.


To view paid invoices or receipts, click the Receipts button or just go to this page within your account. You can download a PDF copy for each billing period.

Cancel Subscription Renewal

Exoprise subscriptions automatically renew. To cancel the automatic renewal for a subscription, click the Cancel Subscription Renewal button. You will still be able to use the service until the current billing cycle is complete. Once the billing cycle is finished, the senors will be disabled and removed.

Synchronize Subscription Renewals with Deployed Sensors

As sensors are deployed, they are automatically added to a credit card subscription. When you delete sensors, they are not automatically deleted – you may be adding or moving a sensor.

To synchronize the deployed sensors with the current subscription (reduce the sensors in the subscription after deleting) click the ‘Synchronize Subscription Renewals with Deployed Sensors’ button. When reducing the subscribed sensor count in the middle of a subscription, a credit will be added to your account and used for the next renewal period.

See Deployed Sensors

Also on the Billing page you can see the list of currently deployed sensors in your Organization. They are counted up by sensor type.

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