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Team Management and Permissions

Organizations can have multiple users, and access control mechanisms are needed to authorize users’ interaction with these resources. Exoprise supports role and team-based access control via Organization Roles, Teams, and Team Roles.

Exoprise supports Role-Based Access and Control throughout the product. You can control user access and permissions at the Organization level or a more granular level through groups of resources that we call Teams.


A Team is a grouping of users and resources. Each member (user) has a Team Role, which determines the level of access they have to the resources in the Team. Teams are administered by admins, who can:

  • Create, rename and delete teams
  • Add users with a Team Role, change the Team Role of members, remove members
  • Add/remove resources

Sites added to a team automatically include all their present and future sensors and sensors include all their present and future alarms.

Team Roles

Team Roles are a subset of Organization Roles that make sense for a team context:

  1. Viewer: Can only view sensors and alarms but can’t make adjustments
  2. OperatorViewer rights + ability to create and edit alarms
  3. DeployerOperator rights + ability to create and edit sites and sensors

Example Use Case of Teams and Team Roles

  1. You want to give a few users viewing and alarm access to particular sensors and nothing else
  2. You add them to the Organization with the Member role, which gives them access to nothing
  3. You create a team and add these users with the Operator role
  4. You add one (or more) sensors to the team
  5. Once the team exists you can add users to the org and a team in one step.

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