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Alarm Web Hooks

In addition to sending standard alert emails to your alarm recipient groups, CloudReady let’s you create alarm web hooks as well. A web hook will send an HTTPS (https/TLS is required) post request to the URL you choose, so that you can integrate your CloudReady alerts with with other systems. More information about web hooks can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Webhook

How To Configure

Navigate to Alarms > Settings > Web Hooks from within CloudReady. From there, you can click ‘Add’ to create a new web hook. Provide a name and a target URL, and then choose what kind of authorization you would like to use and specify any custom headers you need.

Template Body

After that, you can create the template you’d like to be used with your web hook. The template is a body of text that will be sent to the web hook’s target URL. You can read more about alarm hook templates here.

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