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Service Watch Active Test

Service Watch Active Test is a feature that enables lightweight network and service-oriented synthetics that run from Service Watch, the Exoprise real-user monitoring platform.

Service Watch Active Test enables always-on testing of network conditions from Service Watch endpoints.

Use Cases

We heard from customers of challenges with remote networking and remote network performance problems. For these customers, this was especially true when employees are located in branch offices, co-located in shared environments, or when employees are working from home.

  • Proactively testing VPN performance for remote users and users connected via VPNs
  • ISP and Internet baselines for employees that are working remotely
  • Continuous testing of VoIP performance from employees’ desktops


To configure Service Watch Active Test, navigate to the Service Watch > Configurations > Active Test tab and then click ‘Add Configuration’.

On the Active Test configuration wizard, you can choose up to 2 tests to perform.

  • Use Web Get Tests
    Perform up to 2 different web requests against web servers.
  • Use VoIP Test
    Perform a VoIP test against a private VoIP Receiver or the nearest public Exoprise VoIP receiver
  • Use Ping Test
    Perform a ping against 2 different IP-addresses or network names. The destinations must be pingable.
  • Use DNS Lookup Tests
    Perform a proactive DNS lookup test against up to 2 to different network names

Create a Service Watch Active Test configuration before creating a Service Watch Desktop config and specify to use it for deploying.

Licensing Service Watch Active Test

Desktop installs that leverage Service Watch Active Test are 15 seats per credit, versus deployments that don’t, which are 25 seats per credit. Having Service Watch Active Test is similar to having synthetic early detection on every device.


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