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How To Use a Service Watch Desktop Shared Key

CloudReady synthetic sensors can be deployed to Service Watch Desktop sites for proactively testing web and SaaS applications from user, home, or mobile devices.

This capability provides the best of both worlds; proactive notifications from real-user locations combined with complete coverage for the network conditions that plague end-users.

Credentialed Sensors

Moving CloudReady synthetic sensors between Service Watch Desktop machines is easy for non-credentialed sensors, but for sensors that require a credential, the Service Watch Desktop installations require utilizing a common public private key pair for decryption.

Service Watch Desktop installations can be configured to utilize a key pair during installation.

Shared Public Private Key Pair

There is a new option available in the Service Watch Desktop configuration wizard to configure an installer to utilize a shared public private key pair. This requires downloading and safely storing the private key and configuring the site installation to point to a previously uploaded public key.

Typically, the private key will be stored and accessed on a central file share during Service Watch Desktop installation.

More information about creating a public, private key pair.

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