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Dashboard Embedding

Dashboards can be embedded in other web sites and or operational applications, usually through any IFRAME, for integrating with other products such as Splunk, SCOM, SharePoint and more. This can be helpful with sharing views with different users within an organization.

Whether sharing the Personal or Shared dashboards, all embedding is tied to an account within Exoprise this promotes good security as the dashboards can be connected to a read-only account. When you are accessing a dashboard through embedding you are essentially impersonating the user.

Embedded dashboards are read-only. When attempting to navigate to see more detail or perform an operation, you will be prompted to enter your credentials.

Enable an Embedded Dashboard

To embed an Exoprise dashboard:

  1. Sign in. The dashboards that exist for the user that you are setting up will be the same as what you are embedding.
  2. Go to the API and Embedding page which can be found by going to Welcome > Profile > API and Embeding tab.
  3. In the lower panel, click ‘Enable Embedding’. The system will allocate two tokens, one for the personal dashboards and another for the shared dashboards.
  4. Cut and paste either URL into an IFRAME for embedding. You can also specify a specific tab by appending an ‘?l=tabno’ to the end of the URL.


API access and embedded dashboards can be controlled on an Organization basis by Admins and Organization owners. By default, API access and Embedded dashboards are disabled.

Remove Access

To remove access to an embedded dashboard, got back to the API and Embedding page and click Disable Embedding. You can also just reset the embedding key and this will regenerate a new one. Once you regenerate a new key, the old one will no longer be valid.

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