Invite Users

Every new user that signs up for CloudReady gets their own Organization (Tenant). You can invite users to join your Organization so you can share your trial and CloudReady deployment.

To Invite a User:

  1. Sign into CloudReady
  2. Go to Admin > Users
  3. In the Send an Invitation box, enter the username of the person you would like to invite
  4. Choose a role for the user. Read more about Roles
  5. Optionally, if you’ve configured SAML integration, you can choose to have them sign up using Single Sign-on
  6. You can also add a user to a specific Team if you’ve created one. Read more about Teams here

The user will receive an email invitation. They must sign up via the link in the email to access your Organization. If they sign up and create their own account and don’t use the link then they won’t have access to your Organization.

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