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Service Watch Widgets

Service Watch Scorecard Widget

This scorecard widget is ideal for quick visualizations of specific metric for a single sensor or in aggregate across all sensors of a specific type. Choose and configure over a period of time to include in the layout.

Service Watch Scorecards are ideal for visualizing network request performance for specific SaaS sites or users no matter where the user is located.

The scorecard color for the metric changes depending on the recent trend over the selected period of time.

  • Green if the trend is less than a 5% increase
  • Orange if the trend is between 5 and 10% increase
  • Red if the trend is a greater than 10% increase
Service Watch Scorecard
Visualize RUM Experience Scores for Any Request or User

Service Watch Grid Widget

The Service Watch Grid widget is a powerful widget for visualizing tables of requests filtered by domain or user. Choose from different metrics with full sorting capabilities and sparklines for trend visualization over different time periods such as daily, weekly, monthly and more.

The Service Watch Grid widget enables quickly assessing the network, client, server performance from the end-users perspective for any website or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) property. Grids can be configured by user or domain for analyzing specific user issues or specific SaaS application issues.

Service Watch Grid Widgets
Visualize, filter, and sort network requests and Web Experience Scores (WXS)

Service Watch Graph Widget

Chart any metric for any request (Domain, User, or All). Add this widget and use the controls to select a trending metric and configure the time period for the graph. Values or percentages can be visualized for client, server, or network percentages and values. Different users or domains can be selected.

Use the Service Watch Graph widget to build specific layouts or tabs for different SaaS applications or build a layout for different users in a group or department.

Service Watch Graph Widget
Visualize different network delay metrics over time.

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