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Site Map Location

Exoprise utilizes an IP geo-location service to location sites on a map. Site locations come from the gateway IP address when data is sent to the servers.

Typically, site (gateway) IP addresses are accurate to within a few kilometers of where the gateway ISP is located. If internal VPN and or MPLS networks are utilized then the geolocation may be inaccurate.

Pinning a Site Location by Address

To pin the geolocation coordinates for a site, you can edit the street address for where a site is located:

  1. From the monitor tab, click on Manage Sites
  2. Click on an Edit button for a site where you would like to change the street address
  3. Navigate to the ‘Map Address for this Site’ section and enter a street address or city location where you know the site to be located
  4. Click update to save the location. You will see that the location address is updated based on your entry. If that address isn’t correct then update the address and try again. Often, just entering city, state is sufficient as opposed to entering an entire street address.

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