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Alarms FAQ

Common Questions For Alarms

What's an alarm?

Alarms are generated by Exoprise when it detects an error or poor performance with the service being monitored from a sensor. Alarms can be disabled, enabled, snoozed, tuned and adjusted. When an alarm condition is detected it can generate emails to recipients, send texts and be logged to a site for forwarding.

Do I have to configure alarms?

Important alarms are configured automatically as sensors are deployed provided you accepted the defaults. You can also add alarms for different, non-default elements of a sensor.

How long before the alarms are configured?

A configurable waiting period can be specified when setting up a sensor. By default, its four hours but you can choose to wait longer depending on network conditions. Choose a longer waiting period if you have a network that behaves differently throughout the day.

How do I change who alarms are sent to?

Each alarm has a recipient group that will receive alarm notifications. You can edit and adjust recipient groups via the Alarms Settings page or from the Alarm Dashboard.

What does Tune Up do?

Tuning up an alarm increases or decreases the threshold so as to NOT send as many alarms, it makes them less sensitive. Read more about alarm tuning.

What does Tune Down do?

Tuning down an alarm increases or decreases the threshold so as to send MORE alarms, it makes them more sensitive. Read more about alarm tuning.

Can I edit or add my own alarms?

Yes, alarms can be edited from the Alarm Dashboard or added for any sensor and metric from the Add Alarm page.

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