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Guided Site Installation

Guided site installations are the recommended way to deploy a site when you are getting started. For other installation methods look at this article.

Why choose this method?

  • A guided installation is wizard drive and steps you through the process. This ensures you get your network configuration correct and assists with the setup of your first security keys
  • Guided installations require the Management Client but, that’s OK, you’ll need it to validate sensor setups

Installation Steps

  1. From the machine you want to install a Private Site to, download and start the Management Client
  2. Sign back into CloudReady
  3. Go to Sites > Deploy. Click the Guided Installation tab, then click ‘Get Started Installing a Private Site’
  4. On the Configure Keys step, if you have no public/private keypairs yet, click Next to create one automatically.
  5. On the Service Account step, you’ll configure how you want to run the service – the account that the service will run as. If you are not using a proxy or don’t know if you are, select Local System. For Proxy PAC and WPAD configurations read this article first. If you plan on deploying many locations then you may want to create a domain service account. Click Next after you choose the account setup that you want.
  6. Depending on if a proxy is detected, you may have to configure the proxy settings for the service setup. See this article on proxy configuration..
  7. On the final installation step you should see a successful installation. If service is unable to contact the CloudReady servers you may see an error and reason code. Usually, its to do with proxies and authorization or some kind of permissions problem. If the installation fails, you may need to uninstall the service from the Windows Control Panel.

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