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Pre-configured Site Installation

You can configure and download a site installation that is tied to your CloudReady tenant. This is handy for giving a setup to another co-worker for installation on a machine that you may not have access to. The co-worker will be able to install the site, and it will be ready and attached to your Exoprise tenant. The co-worker doesn’t even have to have login rights to the Exoprise platform.

Why choose this method?

  • A pre-configured setup enables you to easily deploy many Private Sites
  • Pre-configured setups can be shared with others to install or packaged as a sub-installer. The installation is linked to your tenant automatically.
  • You don’t have to separately download our Management Client
  • Once a site is deployed, you can add sensors from any machine

What are the steps?

  1. Create an Install Key that securely identifies the setup to your account by clicking ‘Add New Install Key’. You can later delete the Install Key to block an installation that’s been given out.
  2. Configure the various account and proxy options for the setup. You can also configure what interactive installer options are available during setup for possibly overriding configuration options.
  3. Download, copy the setup to the machine where you’d like to install the site, and run it!

Currently, this method requires the sensors be re-configured if the site is re-installed. This is due to the installation generating a private key dynamically at installation time.

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