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2nd Quarter, 2021

Have a look at the latest features we delivered for the past few months:

2nd Quarter, 2021 Product Updates

March, 2021

Please look here for a compendium of our latest updates. See what we’ve been up to for the month of March in 2021.

October 16, 2020

Various Dashboard Updates

We updated the Widget Menu for the dashboard to simplify and provide the ability to add new widgets to the top or the bottom of a layout (tab).

New Tab Reset Time Range Option

Easily update the time period or range for all widgets on a tab now. From the a layout click the gear icon, then settings. In the dialog, choose a time period in the ‘Reset Time Range’ option and click OK to apply it. All of the widgets will now have the same time period.

New Twitter Widget

We also added a new Twitter widget so that you can display twitter feeds alongside Exoprise sensor data. When adding this widget to your dashboard, you can easily select from pre-configured relevant cloud status feeds. Or add any feed that might interest you.

August 13, 2020

We released a beta for a new Email Graph sensor that utilizes OAuth and the Microsoft Graph API. This sensor executes more actions against the Exchange mailbox captures end-to-end message queue hop statistics. This enables customers to diagnose slow mail queue servers, senders and more.

Configure an Email Graph Sensor

More Actions and Timings Against the Mailbox

More actions that are supported by the Graph API are executed against the mailbox which exercises more functionality of Exchange including Listing Folders, Listing and Sorting inbox items, checking Mailbox settings and rules. These timings can indicate potential slowdowns for Exchange and the mailbox.

Hop-by-Hop Message Queuing Timings

When possible the Email Graph sensor analyzes the auto-responder reply to gather hop-by-hop message queue timings. Some SPAM and mail providers do not provide timestamps and we are still working on our parsing to ensure we can support ALL of the different formats. For each sensor run, the slowest outbound hop and slowest inbound hop is provided as well as the message id.

Leverages OAuth to Eliminate Passwords

The CloudReady Email Graph Sensor utilizes OAuth to eliminate the use of passwords and makes it possible to leverage accounts that have MFA. This is just like the OAuth that has been integrated into the Exchange Online (EWS) and other Email sensors.

June 24th, 2020

SharePoint Monitoring Upgrade and New Improved OneDrive sensor

The SharePoint sensor was recently upgraded and a new OneDrive sensor was added. Previously, OneDrive was handled by the SharePoint sensor.

SharePoint Sensor Upgrade

The SharePoint sensor was recently upgraded to a better headless browser (Chromium, Edgium derived). This browser has better rendering support for SharePoint Modern and Azure AD / SSO login capabilities. Additionally, support was added for flexible file upload and download sizes. Reconfigure the sensor to take advantage of the changes.

You may want to tune alarms depending on the alarms, logon type and network conditions.

New OneDrive Sensor

Based on customer feedback and requests, we separated the SharePoint and OneDrive monitoring and created a new OneDrive sensor. Where possible, in most cases, we made the conversion automatic and seamless and have segregated the crowd-based comparisons.

March 16th, 2020

Improved WGET Redirection Support

Based on customer feedback, we released improvements to the WGET sensors for testing website/URL availability. The sensor now supports redirection which makes it easier and more intuitive to configure. Additionally, the WGET sensor utilizes and updated Agent String which some sites require.

March 9th, 2020

New OAuth API and Bulk Edit Capabilities

In anticipation of Microsoft End-of-life for Exchange Online Basic Authorization, Exoprise has improved support for OAuth updating and configuration.

Read more about the changes

You will need to update Exchange Online sensors to switch to OAuth before October 13th, 2020.

PowerShell OAuth API Support

We updated the PowerShell API to support changing OAuth registrations for sensors. Read more about the PowerShell Management API

Bulk Change Edit Sensors OAuth Support

We updated the Edit Sensors page page to support bulk changes to OAuth based sensors.

February 7th, 2020

Service Watch General Availability

Exoprise Service Watch is out of beta! For customers who have already taken advantage of the beta period, you can keep your sensors running like usual, but you will be charged for usage as of February 14. If you haven’t tried Service Watch out yet, click here to get started!

Never tried Real User Monitoring before? Find out why Service Watch is an important addition to your monitoring toolbox.

September 4th, 2019

New! Teams Audio Video Conferencing Sensor

Exoprise released its much anticipated Teams AV Conference Sensor. The Teams AV sensor enables proactive monitoring Microsoft Teams audio/video conferencing, the underlying WebRTC stack and end-to-end network health. The Teams AV Sensor utilizes an Exoprise hosted A/V Bot to join meetings and stream A/V content into the session automatically. Read more about the Teams AV Conference Sensor.

New Skype Video Sensor Available

Exoprise released the Skype Video Sensor for monitoring and emulating Skype for Business Video and conference sessions. The Skype Video Sensor activates video conferencing between Skype Receivers and Skype Video Sensors which test and exercise the Skype for Business video infrastructure as well as network capacity and suitability. Read more about the Skype Video Sensor

July 30th, 2019

New SSLCheck and SSLMonitor Sensors

Exoprise released new SSLCheck and SSLMonitor sensors for proactively monitoring TLS/SSL connections for servers you own or mission-critical servers you depend on like SSO sites, logon.microsoftonline.com, etc. Detect authentication problems, certificate or cipher changes, and possible man-in-the-middle spoofing.

Read more about the SSL sensors here on exoprise.com.

CloudReady Audit Table

For CloudReady administrators, there is a new Audit capability and area within the Administrative section under Admin > Audit Table. Core audit events have been captured since the beginning with CloudReady, and now access is available to administrators. We will be adding additional events over time. Events for user and account management were recently added.

January 29th, 2019

Office 365 Service Health Email Subscriptions

If you’ve set up an Office 365 Service Communications API OAuth for your organization, you can now choose to have messages sent directly to your inbox.

Enable email notifications from your organization settings page and you can choose what type of notifications you’d like to receive and which addresses you want them sent to.

Dashboard Updates

The heatmap widget is probably our most popular dashboard widget, and we’ve been making it even better. We’ve improved the way it lists sites to make it easier for you to see at a glance where a problem is and which sites are offline. We’ve also increased the available space, so you can create longer, more specific site names.

January 24th, 2019

Web Hooks Support Was Added

Alarms can be integrated with any system via Web Hooks now. Read more about it.

Office 365 Service Health Email Subscriptions Was Added

Office 365 Service Health Incidents and Messages for each customer’s tenant can now be subscribed to and published via email with CloudReady. You no longer need to sign into the Office 365 Portal to see Office 365 Service Health. Read more about it.

January 15, 2019

Expanded Site Display Name

Private Sites now support longer display names, up to 255 characters and the Heatmap was updated to show more of the display name characters as well as the site machine name.

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