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What’s the Exoprise Management Client

The Exoprise Management Client (exoclient.exe) is a custom network application that you download to assist with deployment of Exoprise solutions. This network client communicates only with Exoprise application servers via HTTPS secure-sockets and will not communicate with other websites or internet services.

Just for Setup

The Management Client is only really needed for site and sensor setup. You can use a regular browser to manage other parts of Exoprise and for regular login and visualization.

If you have a user that is just viewing dashboards, they don’t need to install the Management Client, they can just sign in using a regular browser.

Management Client Is Not the Service

The Management Client doesn’t run sensors, it’s just used for installation and deployment and installed into a users desktop. A Private Site is a Windows Service (aka agent) and that is what runs sensors continuously once they are deployed.

Built With Open Source

The Exoprise Management Client is built using various open-source technologies such as:

Update or Download

You will be prompted to update the Management Client when there is a required upgrade available.  The Management Client can be downloaded here: https://secure.exoprise.com/download


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