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What’s the Exoprise Management Client

The Exoprise Management Client (exoclient.exe) is a custom network application that you download to assist with deployment of Exoprise solutions. This network client communicates only with Exoprise application servers via HTTPS secure-sockets and will not communicate with other websites or internet services.

Just for Setup and Sensor Validation

The Management Client is only really needed for site and sensor setup. You can use a regular browser to manage other parts of Exoprise and for regular login and visualization.

If you have a user that is just viewing dashboards, they don’t need to install the Management Client, they can just sign in using a regular browser.

Management Client Is Not the Service

The Management Client doesn’t run sensors, it’s just used for installation and deployment and installed into a sites desktop. A Private Site is a Windows Service (aka agent) and that is what runs sensors continuously once they are deployed.

Built With Open Source

The Exoprise Management Client is built using various open-source technologies such as:

Update or Download

You will be prompted to update the Management Client when there is a required upgrade available.  The Management Client can be downloaded here: https://secure.exoprise.com/download

Latest Version Requires Unblocking Browser Process

The Management Client was updated in early 2023 to a more capable browser. This was a frequently requested feature. The latest version of the Management Client ships with the QtWebEngineProcess which is a browser sandbox. If you are running application whitelisting software then the QtWebEngineProcess must be unblocked as well.


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