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Office 365 Monitoring Recommendations

For testing the Office 365 Monitoring capabilities during a trial we recommend starting with the following 3 sensors to properly evaluate Exoprise synthetics:

Exchange Online 

Exchange Online sensors fully test the health and availability of Exchange Online, message queuing, and your SPAM / mail-flow environment. You can configure Exchange Online sensors with real credentials or with OAuth (modern authentication).
This sensor sends messages to an Exoprise auto-responder, so it is important that the exomail@exotester.com address isn’t blocked by your spam filters or the reply email from exoreturn@exotester.comRead more about mail flow monitoring.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint online can be monitored using a headless browser or via the Microsoft Graph API using OAuth. Recently, Exoprise added support for testing and using accounts that utilize Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).

The SharePoint API sensor leverages OAuth (modern authentication) and can support any account. The SharePoint sensor (browser-based) can fully test Single Sign-On, MFA, Uploads, Downloads, and a complete SharePoint Site.

Microsoft Teams

The Teams Message sensor and the more fully capable Teams AV Conferencing sensor both provide a full end-to-end test of the Microsoft Teams infrastructure. The Teams sensors utilize a rich headless browser to fully emulate a user signing in to Teams through Single Sign-on solutions while fully exercising presence, messaging, channels, Video, Audio, and more.

Office 365 Service Communications and Status Messages

To retrieve Office 365 Service Communications and status messages for your tenant, go to the Admin > OAuth Authorizations page. You will need tenant administrative credentials, just once, to enable Exoprise to read the status and informational messages. Read more.

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