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What’s the Crowd or Show Crowd

Exoprise is powered by YOU and your fellow cloud users, we call it crowd-powered.

The crowd is an anonymized aggregate of all of the Exoprise customers that have deployed the same sensors against, typically, the same shared cloud resources like Office 365.

Crowd comparisons enable you to benchmark your network, cloud performance and uptime against other customers in aggregate and this enables a better understanding of the metrics.

What’s the Crowd Data Good For?

One thing the crowd is good for is instant benchmarks. Comparing your network and application performance against the crowd provides a number of benefits:

  • Understand whether a metric is good or bad. With crowd data comparisons, you can know whether a latency or SharePoint health score is better or worse than your neighbor.
  • Know if other organizations are experiencing a problem in real-time. When you are examining data from Exoprise, continuous crowd comparisons let you know whether a potential problem in one site is affecting all of your other sites, as well as whether it might be affecting other customers.
  • Lowers Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) by helping you pinpoint and localize the error, bottleneck or slow down.

Filter By Region

You can filter the crowd data to refine it to just your region. Depending on the distance to the property you are measuring, this can refine the crowd data set to give you a better benchmark.

Filter By All of Your Other Sensors

You can filter the crowd to only include sensors that are in your tenant. This can be helpful if you are comparing one region or site to the others.

How Big is The Crowd?

The crowd varies by popularity of the sensors and the services they are monitoring and can also vary each day as more customers join Exoprise.

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